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Akaroa Harbour

Akaroa District Promotions/Tourism approached us in mid 2012 about running a regatta or event in Akaroa. We thought that late January would be a good opportunity to have our informal 'Super 12' series races.

The main harbour could be too open to weather and the risk that come with sharing the waterways with casual boaties and tourism operations.

So the first venue Aoraki considered was in the north eastern end of the main harbour, in Children's Bay (click the map below for a bigger version). We looked at using French Bay, but the using this site gives better facilities in Jubilee Park, a Sports Complex and more space for teams.

Teams set up on Jubilee Park, with shared use of toilets and power. Arriving from Christchurch/Little River on SH75, turn hard right and past The Grand Hotel. Turn right onto Jubilee Park. The difficulty is in sharing the boat ramp, carpark and part of the inner harbour waterway with casual boaties.

Other venues:
Lake Pegasus, North Canterbury
Kaiapoi River, North Canterbury
Kerr' Reach, Dallington, Christchurch
Owles Terrace, New Brighton, Christchurch
Lake Hood, Tinwald/Ashburton
Buller, Westport
Dunedin Harbour
Queenstown Lakes area


Plan B was to use French Bay, which is right on the doorstep to the cafes and restaurants. Racing is across French Bay, with the start directly in front of anyone wandering along Beach Road in the centre of town. And the Finish Line right in front of historic Daly's Wharf (pictured). While it is much closer to the "Action", there are problems with boats moored in the way, low tides etc. Teams would have to set up shelters (gazebo or tent) right on the beach directly in front of Crew Loading.

So in 2013 the Racing is back up in Chilren's Bay, near Jubilee Park.

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