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Sweep Training and Accreditation

Aoraki needs more people trained in the crucial "Sweep" role, so some of our experienced sweeps will provide training at Pegasus Lake.

Start time is generally 10 am, finishing around 11 am. Next dates is:

They typically take about 90 minutes. The Sweeps have a Theory session plus exam about a week before then. The sessions are usually led by Rick Smith on one boat and another exopert Sweep on another.

Sweeps should ensure your crew are fully familiar with the safety protocol (esp 5.10 to 5.20).

They are suitable for beginners, or for those wanting to practice their skills.

Previous years:

  • Sunday 8-Jan-17
  • Sundays 6, 13 and 20th October 2013.
  • Tuesday 16th and Tues 23-Oct-12.
  • Wednesday 20th and 27th October 2010.

email for any changes or enquiries

See the National Sweep Accreditation system at > Sweep Accreditation for Sweeps Manual which "... is used as the basis for the Sweep Accreditation test, and outlines all the information you will need if you are contemplating becoming a Dragonboat Sweep. Please Note, The Sweeps manual is not a Sweeps Coaching document and therefore won't tell you how to sweep as such. What it provides is information regarding such things as:

  • An outline of the Sweep Accreditation system in NZ.
  • Your responsibilities as a Sweep and your role in a Dragonboat.
  • Basic NZ Maritime Rules
  • Safety Procedures and Guidelines"

Coaches and training the paddlers

Aoraki Dragons provides training and seminars for our coaches at the "Foundation" level (that is, starting as a coach, or with a new team) through to elite racing coach.

While we have advice here (for example, description of the phases of the Dragon Boat Stroke: rotation, reach/extension, catch, pull, exit, and recovery) we also provide classroom training, practical assistance and mentoring service. 

Coaching seminar 2016

Aoraki will run a Training Seminar on Saturday 26-November-2016. The training is designed for new coaches. It covers the basics of:

  • Technique,
  • timing,
  • power and
  • endurance.

It also talks about:

  • organising the team,
  • Crew Positions in the Boat
  • measuring progress and
  • what to do on race day.

Positions in a boat

Other Resources

A very interesting blog to follow is that discusses many aspects of the sport, from Fundraising Tips to Importance of a Pep Talk to selecting the right length paddle.

For videos of races, and of training tips, techniques etc search Youtube.


Tips and tricks

In our "Training Tips" page we discuss topics such as:

  • Off-season training,
  • Stroke analysis (video of paddle angle of entry, setup position and body rotation, catch and exit paddle position).
  • Stroke features (The Stroke, Rotation, Reach/Extension) and phases (Catch, Pull, Exit, Recovery)
  • Crew Positions in the Boat - Strokes, engine room and Turbos
  • Race Phases: pre-race, start, middle, finish, post-race
  • Fitness and stretching tips.

Before taking a boat into any body of water for Training etc, complete the site safety check.
Get an up to date weather forecast and be vigilant for weather changes. Look around for who else is using the area (water craft, swimmers, animals in the water) and for hazards in (and under) the water. Remember, "Nothing is faster than disaster"...

Nothing is faster than disaster

So be a wise owl, and look out for any danger. Even sharks with frickin lasers!

Look out! Tehre are Llllamas! Er, Sharks