Team Managers' information on Clubs within Aoraki, plus the Regional Representative team. See also 'club' based teams.

Aoraki Rep Teams

In 2016, Aoraki Board's Development Director asked the New Zealand Dragon Boat Association (NZDBA) to provide a pathway for paddlers to represent their RSO on a National stage.

At the National Champs on Lake Karapiro in April 2017, NZDBA ran inter-regional Championship races for Standard Boat (20 paddler) 500 metre Open and Womens teams. Aoraki Dragons fielded an Open Team (mostly men) and two Women's Representative teams.

Regional Representative - Paddler selection and training

At the December 2016 Ice Breaker regatta at Lake Rua, Aoraki announced the launch of the Regional Representative Teams.

The eligible divisions for this first year were Open Standard Boat (20s) and Women's Standard Boat (20s) with each region able to enter two teams in each division. These teams race at the NZDBA National Championships in a "Regional Representative Final". This is in the 500m race distance, run straight after the Club Standard Boat races on Friday morning. Thus paddlers are still be able to race at the Nationals with their Club team. Note, there is one "Final" but there are no "qualifying heats".

Winners of the Regional Representative Finals are automatically eligible (and expected) to represent New Zealand at the IDBF World Cup Competition - which, in 2017, is in Kunming, China.

Aoraki Development Director, Caleb te Kahu, worked with key figures including Evan Roper, Russell Stocks and Izak Frunt to develop a program of paddler trials and Development (see below).

This is a combined initiative between NZDBA and the regions which could not happen without the drive and passion of key people in those areas, and is an incredibly proud moment in the history of the Aoraki DBA. We expect to constantly review and improve the Regional Representative division over the first three years alongside the NZDBA with the aim to see New Zealand squads back in the top three World teams at the IDBF World Nations Championships.

We would like to thank the NZDBA for their support in this initiative.

And the 2017 Teams are:

Premier Women
Teagan Killick
Brianna McKay
Hannah Wilson
Jennie Board
Zoe Cameran
Marie Childs
Mellisa Exton
Jess Doney
Anna Hendrie
Becca Smyth
Abby Jones
Emma Mennie
Laura Brown
Hannah Brown
Anna O'Grady
Kerry Tohiariki
Edana Spark
Chantelle Smolar
Janice Hewison
Ashlee Lloyd
Teagan Mutu
Sweep: Janice Melville
Junior Women
Aarleah Ufton-Tangaroa
Natalia Gibson
Milli Grant
Brook McConchie
Ruby Lister
Michelle Hamerslay
Caitlin Harrison
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Tia Denovan-Stroud
Hannah McCarthy
Grace McGuire
Eva Harris
Poppi Pearce
Sophie Van-Solt
Josie Pile
Samantha Curtis
Millie Goodrich
Ashlee Drummy
Natasha Drummy
Julia McIntyre
Shayla Thomas
Sweep: TBC
Premier Open
Caller : Yvette Taitoko
Caleb Te Kahu (Tu Meke)
Sylvester Waipouri (Tu Meke)
Ian Macbeth (Beca)
Peter Mitchel (Tu Meke)
Shaun Peers (Tu Meke)
Izac Frunt(Ridge)
Mike Robinson (Northern Phoenix)
Tom Comley (Beca)
Nik Stewart (Beca)
Doug Weston (Beca)
Scott Osbourne (Beca)
Kyle Treacy (Tu Meke)
Daniel Atkinson-Mcguire (Ridge)
Dave MacDonald (Waimak)
Steve Greaves (Waimak)
Rukia Harnett (Northern Phoenix)
Marc Doherty (Waimak)
Alex McLoed (Tu Meke)
Richard Johnson (Tu Meke)
Shane Anderson (Tu Meke)
Sweep: Rick Smith

Congratulations to everyone who has made it through they were not easy decisions to make but we hope those that have not made it will use this as motivation to come back next year fitter and stronger and with the ability to represent our region to the fullest.


All-day Trials are as follows. Paddlers wanting to be considered must make these trials a priority.

Trial #1

  • Fitness testing: Shirley Boys High School, 9am Saturday the 28th January 2017.
  • Consisting of: Multi-stage beep test, Erg and strength testing.
  • Once fitness testing is finished, trial will continue at Lake Rua for boat cohesion.
  • The applicants will be narrowed down to between 30 - 40 per crew following these trials.

Trial #2

  • Boat work: Lake Rua on Saturday the 25th February 2017 (the day before Aoraki Open).
  • The day will involve the crews working together and placing people in different seats and sides and finding the best seating positions.

Trial #3 (Aoraki Open, Sunday 26-Feb)

  • Coaches will visually keep track of regional paddlers and see how they work with their club crews and the environments they succeed in.
  • This is not a trial. Just a useful regatta to see how paddlers intending to paddle for the regional crew interact with their crew and their attitudes.

Trial #4

  • A week before South Island Champs (Saturday 18-March-2017) at Lake Pegasus.
  • Race simulation 500m.
  • Team building exercises to help blend team.

South Island Champs

  • Team announced at both Junior and Senior prize givings. The crew is notified prior to the announcement.

Training #1

  • Race simulation: Pegasus on Saturday 1-April-2017.


  • Before the start of racing on the first day of Nationals (Friday 7-April), we will have a quick meeting as the Aoraki Squad and let everyone know the timing and plan for the race.

Key Team players:

  • Caleb te Kahu (Aoraki Junior Development Director, Tu Meke Paddle Club)
  • Russell Stocks (Shirley Boys High School)
  • Evan Roper (Avonside Girls High School)
  • Izac Frunt (Ridge Riders Paddle Club)

Clubs and Teams in Aoraki

Team recruitment

Aoraki are keen to see new teams join the sport, and will do what it takes to help individuals or groups into Dragon Boating.

For example, we can arrange for Aoraki people like Meri Gibson, John Fox, Glen Dickie, Scott Johnson and Rick Smith to visit Christchurch High Schools, talking to assemblies and showing DVDs of our recent regatta.

Our Regular teams

There are a variety of teams in Christchurch catering for different paddlers.  Some are in it to compete and win; others love it because it is great for team-building (in a business or school) while others use it as a social opportunity.

Any managers who haven't done so already should email Aoraki Dragons so we can add you to our email list for entry forms, training times and safety instructions/waiver. These need to be completed BEFORE start of training. We also need an e-mail address and an after-hours/mobile number in case of training cancellations.

For a list of some of the current teams, see the team profiles.

Past teams have included:
Canterbury Paddling Club (CPC).
CDHB Concords (Cant Health)
Christchurch City Cruisers (CCC) (Kyle Dow, Nelson Wormald)
CIAL Flying Dragons (Chch Int Airport Ltd)
Darfield High
Dragon Hearts
Dragon Our Touche (Deloittes)
Evacut Express (P&N).
Fei Long - The Next Generation (originally an U23 Development squad, witha core of ex-CGHS paddlers, then affiliated to Tu Meke)
Give it a Go
The Full Monty (Montgomery Watson)
NIWA (Who are NIWA?)
Papanui Club
Papanui High School
Screws Loose (Corrections) who were affiliated to CPC
St Andrews College
St Bedes College
Tait Dragon the Chain
UC Varsity Vikings
UC Dragons
Van Asch College for Deaf

Season Format


Before 2007, dragon boat teams were very familiar with Magazine Bay in Lyttleton for training, and Lake Roto Kohatu for racing.  Under Aoraki, things changed.

In 2007, Kerrs Reachthe lake was not available for the dates we wanted in March, so Aoraki chose to stage the final Christchurch regatta for the season on the Avon River, Kerr's Reach. 

In fact, the earlier race day (a Regatta on 9-Feb-08, in conjunction with Chinese New Year) was used to "christen" the Kerr's Reach course.

But after the earthquakes Dragon Boating moved away from Kerr's Reach. Aoraki are back at Roto Kohatu, but using the western half - Lake Rua - for training and regatta, and Lake Hood near Ashburton, especially for larger events and regatta. Another favourite venue is Pegasus Lake, 25 minutes north of Christchurch.


Safety training is essential for all crews. Special training can be run for crews to familiarise them with safety and paddle techniques, and the specifics of using the Kerr's Reach and New Brighton river areas.

Up till 2007, Team training on the water started in mid-Nov, but now first training will be immediately after Labour weekend (ie from about Tuesday 27-October-09). Click here for details.

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