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Twilight racing

Aoraki teams have had their South Island Champs at Lake Hood on Saturday 9-March-13, and are building to the NZDBA National Championships (at Blue Lakes) on Saturday 6-April.

Meanwhile, Wellington Festival are expecting up to 15 teams from Australia to cross the Tasman on 16th March, so Aoraki have added this 'mini-regatta' as an opportunity for them to travel down to North Canterbury for an afternoon/evening of racing at Lake Pegasus.

Expected start time for the first race is 6pm, finishing by 8pm. (Note, there is a chance we may have some Schools Racing as well).

Six twenty-paddler Champion boats are at Pegasus, so we run three lanes from a set of buoys for 250 metre Sprints to our usual Finish Line (with buoys). Results will be tallied using a Points system on a first-past-the-post basis, rather than timed finishes.

The first Round is simple 3 (or 2) boats in a Heat over 250 metres. Each team has one heat in the 250m sprints and will then have a Graded Final in the Sprints.

Then we repeat the pattern over 500 metres from the top beach. Depending on demand, we could change that to ALL 250 metre Sprints, or ALL 500 metre racing. Either way we should be able to fit in four races per team, with about 30 minutes between each of your races.

Racing will need to finish at about 8pm [it gets pretty dark soon after that] and the bus will take the visitors back into town (via a pub?) about 8:30. Local teams are encouraged to meet up with them at a pub and show some Southern Hospitality.

Sorry there are no medals on offer, but there will be a good coffee cart, hot dogs, BBQs/Sausage sizzles etc. Better than you get at your average training!

We are expecting that our 68 Australian paddlers will cross Cook Straight on the Ferry, and catch the TransCoastal train through Kaikoura to Christchurch. Many will be staying at the Ibis Hotel in Hereford St near the Square, so logistics will be:

  • From the train station to the Ibis is about 3.6 km so a short taxi ride.
  • From the Ibis (Cathedral Square) to Lake Pegasus is 29.8 km and takes about 40 minutes or so. Aoraki has organise a charter bus for the evening - charge will be about $15 per person return.
  • From the Ibis to the Airport is about 10.6 km. The Ibis will probably offer a shuttle. Or a bus ( will take about 40 minutes and costs about $2.30
How much does it cost?
For this particular event, a NZ$20 fee is charged per visiting paddler (or sweep or drummer) to cover basic running costs, toilets, etc.

Aoraki's season fees are on a cost recovery basis (we are a not-for-profit organisation).

For teams that are affiliated to Aoraki Dragons, their entry to this event is included in their season entry fees.

The three teams from Australia will have had a big day's racing at the Wellington Festival yesterday, and will be heading down to Christchurch for some sight seeing for a couple of days. We want to play host to them with some varied and informal racing on Tuesday evening. We know that many teams train on Tuesday so here is a chance to get a few Race Start practices and strategies. Come and add some spice to your training.

The Aussie teams will be picked up in town (staying at the Ibis) at 4:30 so will hit Lake Pegasus at about 5, maybe ready to get on the water about 5:30. We expect that Christchurch paddlers will be trickling in after work so will do well to get here by 6pm I would say. As we form teams we will send them out to race. I have had enquiries from School teams who would like to challenge the Adults at Twilights (instead of or in addition to Wednesday's Schools Challenge). And yes we would be happy to have you there.

3.6 km, 8 mins via Hagley Ave and Oxford Tce

About 30km from the Ibis near Cathedral Square to Lake Pegasus, just north of Woodend

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