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AvON River Corridor - Spring Festival

Aoraki Dragons had a chance to show off the sport of Dragon Boating, and race in this unique event alongside other 'codes'. More importantly though it was a chance to showcase how imporetant the "Avon River Corridor" is to sports and recreation in the city.

Three Dragon Boats joined about 8 rowing boats, several waka ama and multiple kayaks to follow a Lead Waka (two OC6's forming a 12) as it approached the Pontoon, for the Official Opening Ceremony at 10 am, featuring City Councillors Peter Beck and Glenn Livingston. Start time of the first race was immediately after that (about 10:15 am), with triplets of rowing quads and Dragon Boats in 500m races from PAges Road bridge to the pontoon. This was also a chance for 'Have a Go' sessions for the public, with it all finishing by 2 pm.

Racing format is 500 metre races, starting by hooter from just downstream from the Pages Road Bridge, finishing by the Pontoons. 91.3 ZMRace commentary courtesy of Radio ZM - MC "Tomo" with assistance from celebrities from each sport.

Aoaraki are proud to have seen so many experienced paddlers on the River. Christchurch Girls High and Avonside Girls High showed how smartly turned out a well trained team can be, while the Motley Crew of adult paddlers showed, well, the opposite...

There was extensive advertising to get members of the public along, so this is a great opportunity for

  1. early training and
  2. paddler recruitment/ matching to a team.

We look forward to telling our grnadkids how "we were a key part of the First Ever Avon Spring River Festival"

How much does it cost?
No fee for paddlers or spectators.

On 20th October 2012, Aoraki will be joining with other recreational groups to promote the Avon River Corridor in the Inaugural Spring Festival.

Aoraki are right behind the Avon Otakaro Network’s drive to ensure we make the best use of the damaged land in the east. And running Have a Go type Dragon Boat sessions alongside rowers and canoe sports is a great start.

NOTE, while the original plan was for " Two or three boats to paddle from Owles Terrace ... to Kerr’s Reach in time for the Opening ceremony at 10", the site contractors can't guarantee they will have the river banks etc repaired in time. Hence we are on to Plan B - please be at New Brighton by 10:00 am for the start.

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