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The following teams (in bold) have confirmed their entry:
ABOL Amazons (W)
Sampan Warriors
Simply the Breast (BHM) (W)
Tu Meke.
Ridge Riders (U23)

Waimak Attack.

Waimak Thunder (W)
Airways Paddlateers
Beca Crewsaders
CIAL Flying Dragons
P1 Paddlers (SJAB)
Avonside Girls HS (G)
Catholic Cathedral College
Chch Girls HS (G)
Greymouth Schools (M)
Hillmorton HS (Mixed)
Kaiapoi HS
Marian College (G)
Papanui HS (G)
Rangiora HS
Rangi Ruru (G)
Lincoln College (G)
St Margarets College
Villa Maria (G)

A set of local trophies are at stake, including the "Hell for Leather" trophy for the Sprint series (all Adults). And the McLeod Trophy is presented to the fastest times on the day in the 500m course by a Christchurch adult crew. That time might be recorded in any race (heats or final).


Note, adults and schools race on the same day (Saturday). Qualifying is the same as adults - that is, timed heats determines positions in a Finals for Boys/Mixed/Girls.

"The Johnson Challenge Cup" is awarded to the best Christchurch Girls team at the Regatta, i.e. the winner of the girls final. In 2011 the winners were MARIAN!

Sanction pending from NZSSSC

Sanction pending from the NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council.

South Island Dragon Boat Champs - 2014

Adults and schools race on the same day - Saturday 22-March-14 at Lake Hood, our 'premium' venue. In the years when the South Island hosts the NZDBA Nationals, Aoraki use our Regional Champs as a 'test' of that same elite venue - Lake Hood, near Ashburton.

The first races of the day are heats and a Final of the 200m Sprint series. Then the 'elite' distance, the 500 metres. Each team has heats 2, followed by a series of grouped finals.

Some of the Trophies up for grabs

And then to finish, we have the Turns Race. Teams start (on the 'Finish Line") and race straight-up-and-down (approx 440m legs) with three turns, which add about 66m per turn, finishing in front of the Photo Finish Tower by Race HQ.

Results - 500 metre Adult:

  Open (500m): min:sec
1 Tu Meke 2:09.57
2 Ridge Riders 2:13.16
3 Waimak Attack 2:15.29
  Corporate (500m): min:sec
1 Aurecon 2:14.12
2 Beca Crewsaders 2:14.33
3 CIAL Flying Dragons 2:18.90
  Womens (500m): min:sec
1 ABOL Amazons 2:30.96
2 Simply the Breast 2:36.89

Results - 200 metre Sprints, All Adult:

  Adult (200m Sprint): seconds
1 Tu Meke 50.23
2 Beca Crewsaders (2nd overall) 51.92
3 Waimak Attack 52.09
4 Aurecon 52.11
5 Ridge Riders 52.14
6 Paddlateers 53.62

Hell for Leather Cup goes to the fastest Sprint team, any category or Division

Results - Girls School:

  Girls (500m): min:sec
1 Avonside  
  Girls (200m Sprint): seconds
1 Avonside  

Results - Mixed School:

  Mixed (500m): min:sec
  Mixed (200m Sprint): seconds

Results - 2km metre Turns Race:

  All comers (2,000m): min:sec


Competitively, the 'main event' for the Aoraki teams is the "South Island Dragon Boat Regatta", a chance to determine the top local Corporate, Open and School teams. See the trophies at stake.

Go to Google Groups for the results PDF


Local food vendors (including coffee, Sports Drinks, Ice Cream and Souvlaki/Kebab) set up to serve the paddlers, their supporters and spectators. Portaloos are available near the tent area.

How much does it cost?

Corporate, Open and School teams pay a full season fee to Aoraki, which includes entry to all training and two major local Regatta (including these South Island Champs).

Aoraki also collects an annual Subscription for each adult crew, or school crews.

Regattas are run under NZDBA Race Rules including the disputes process.


Teams should be at Lake Hood by 9:00 am, with Briefing at 9:30 am. First Race at 10 am, and 12 minutes between races and 20 minutes between rounds.

First round is 200m Sprints, with two heats (five lanes per race) with all times counting toward the finals.

After lunch (about 1:20pm) is the second round. Five hundred metre races. Two Heats for each team with all teams racing in a graded Final.

And to finish, each team has a staggered start to the 2,000 metre multi-turn race, with the fastest elapsed time winning.

School teams Prize Giving is on the Lake edge/Race HQ immediately after the last race.

Adult teams Prize Giving and After Party is at the ALLENTON Rugby Club in Melrose Road (NOT Ashburton Racecourse or even the Ashburton Hotel). Note, at National Champs we will be at the Ashburton Hotel.

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