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  Expected teams
1 Abreast of Life
2 Airways Paddlateers
3 Beca Crewsaders
4 CIAL Flying Dragons
5 Give it a Go
6 Sampan Warriors
7 Simply the Breast (BHM)
8 Tu Meke
9 Waimak Attack
10 Waimak Attack Thunder
11 Avonside Girls HS
12 Chch Girls HS
13 Hillmorton
14 Shirley/Marian (mixed)

Not expected:

Not attending
UC Dragons
Ridge Riders
Mairehau HS
Villa Maria
Riccarton HS
CPC Canterbury Dragons

Food vendors on site include:

  • Kebab King (incl Kebabs, espresso coffee and mini donuts)
  • "Liquid Velvet" Coffee

There will be Portaloos by the Swing Bridge as well as three Portacom toilets near the tent area.


Aoraki Ice-Breaker, 2011/12

Aoraki's first on-the-water event on Lake Pegasus was Sunday 4-Dec-2011. Click here to download the Race Results.

Congratulations to:

  • Tu Meke - winner of 1,000 metre Turns Racing, and also the 250 metre Sprints.
  • Beca Crewsaders - runner up in the Sprint Final (although they were fastest qualifier) and fourth in Turns Racing.
  • Sharian (or is it Marley?), a combined team from Shirley Boys HS and Marian College - runner up in the 1,000 metre turns race, and third in the Sprints.
  • CIAL Flying Dragons - placed third in the 1,000 metre Turns Race and fourth in the Sprints.
  • Airways Paddlateers - winner of the inaugural Tug-Boat of War.

In 2010 the Ice Breaker started with 250 metre sprints, then a series of 500 metre races, finishing with a 2,000 metre turns race. But this year (2011) we will focus on the Sprints, drop the 500 metre races, and run more of the Turns Races. This means less delays while we 'reset' the Start Line. And it also mirrors the type of racing we will have at the Masters Games next February.

So race program had:

  • Round 1. Heat 1 of the 250 metre Sprints. Four races, 3 or 4 boats per race.
  • Round 2. Heat 2 of the 250 metre Sprints.
  • Round 3. TugBoat-of-War featuring the five boats that did not make 250 Finals
  • Round 4. Finals of the 250 metre Sprints. A and B Final, 4 boats per race.
  • Round 5. Heat 1 of the 1,000 metre Turns Race.
  • Round 6. Heat 2 of the 1,000 metre Turns Race.

UpdatedRaces of 250 metres start from a row of buoys near the 'Point' (middle of the main lake). The

The four boats race southward to the finish line, near the swing bridge/“Yacht Club”. Each team has two heats, the sum of these finish times determines whether they are in a the A-Final or the B-Final.

Round 4 features the "B Final" (with the 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th fastest teams from Rounds 1 and 2). Then the "A Final" (fastest four from Rounds 1 and 2).

But just before those finals, were the Tug Boat races ["Wow, that's a good idea!"], where two boats are tied stern-to-stern with a 10 metre rope. They have 30 seconds to pull the other boat till their stern reaches the buoy in the middle of the beach. Teams that did not make the sprint final competed is simple elimination rounds.

TugBoat-of-War, just out from the Crew Loading Beach

Round 5 is four races with four boats each, in a 1,000 m race with three left hand turns. Start in lanes at the same time (ie not staggered). The "Start" uses the "Finish Line" at the south end by the swing bridge/"Yacht Club". All boats converge onto Lane 4 (furthest from the spectators) and race 250 metres (to the"Start Line" of the 250 metre races). All boats turn left around the buoy (that is between lanes 3 and 4) and swing around into Lane 1. Race another 250 metres back to the "Finish Line" in Lane 1, and turn around the middle three buoys again. That is, head back up the course in Lane 4 again. The third and final turn is again from Lane 4 into Lane 1 and sprin back the the Finish Line.

Each team (except Sampan) had a second round of 1,000 m turns races, and the Final placings were based on the best of those two heats.

So a 10:15 am actual start time had a final race around 3:15, just before a few drops of light rain fell (at the prize giving by Race HQ).

Back to Ice Breaker.

Other regatta this season: Ice Breaker - Super 12 - Early Bird - South Island Champs - Nationals (NZDBA).

Click here to see all Ice Breakers, or all Aoraki regatta (incl past seasons).

Note, team lists do not need to be submitted, but you should have completed a Safety Waiver form by now.

Key people:
Race Control Cameron Melville
Race Starter Ben Anderton
Crew Loading -
Finish Line timing Cameron Melville

Click for results (when they are confirmed)

In 2009, Round One consisted of five 300m heats, with 3 or 4 boats per heat. Round Two (300 m) was followed by "The New Sweeps race". Teams had the choice of skipping races in Round Three (again, 300m) but they were all keen to get in maximum paddling.

Then Round Three stretched them out to five hundred meter races. Then we finished with the 2km races, with several boats in each 'flight', in 30-second staggered starts. Prizegiving was onsite around 4pm.

How much does it cost?

Aoraki's charges entry fees to Regattas on a cost recovery basis (we are a not-for-profit organisation). Season fees cover all training plus the Early Bird and our big Regatta for the year ("South Island Champs").

But fees for other regatta (like this Ice Breaker) will be on a cash basis. Aoraki charges a nominal fee from teams to cover the cost - in this case, $5 per paddler or $100 per team. This applies to local or visiting teams.

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