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Lake Rua, Sat 19 November 2016

This was the second year that the Abreast of Life Dragon Boat team ran this promotional session on behalf of Aoraki Dragons. Entry levels were the same as last year (27 teams) although one team had to pull out in the last couple of days before the event. Just to keep the race schedule running, Aoraki and ABOL threw together whoever was available into a boat to make up "Ridge Rockers".

Congratulations to the winners on the day:

  • Accountants: BDO Raiders
  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Team DO
  • Construction/Building: Finishing First
  • Science, Environment and Service: CC Dragons
  • Medical: St George Randolph
  • Infrastructure: WDC Rockin the Boat 
The full list of teams is:


Company Team Sweep Coach/caller
Ernst Young Bad Debt, Worse Paddlers Teagan Killick Carleen Pocock
Ernst Young Unchartered Waters Janice Hewinson Lou Payne
Brown Glassford The Bee Gees Michelle Hamilton Raymond Cooper
BDO BDO Dragons Judd Stanton Jill Entwhistle
BDO BDO Raiders Evan Roper Aarleah Ufton-Tangaroa

Medical Services

Company Team Sweep Coach/caller
St Georges Hosp StG Randolph Rick Smith Anne Glasson
St Georges Hosp StG Cressy Evan Roper Aarleah Ufton-Tangaroa
St Georges Hosp StG Charlotte Jane Teagan Killick Carleen Pocock
St Georges Hosp StG Sir George Seymour Derrick Elliott Caleb Te Kahu
Southern Cross SX Fallen Angels Noel Anderton Brittany Prentice
Southern Cross SX Elves Janice Hewinson Lou Payne
Southern Cross SX Reindeer Michelle Hamilton Raymond Cooper


Company Team Sweep Coach/caller
Newfield Roofing Assassins Izac Frunt Jillian Broadbent
Mike Greer Homes MGH Oarsome Alex Faulkner Wayne Perret
Finishing Touch Finishing First Ian Stothers Gail Beedles
Aoraki mish-mash Ridge Rockers Noel Anderton Brittany Prentice


Company Team Sweep Coach/caller
ESR SAS-Serious about Science Scruff Hewinson Lynley Beckingsale
Computer Concepts CC Dragons Kate Preston Gail Beedles
Computer Concepts CC Cheetahs Marie Childs Sue Gill
ARA/CPIT ARA Awesome Kate Preston Peter Johnston 
Hillmorton Staff Tiger City Teachers Marie Childs Sue Gill

Engineering/ Manufacturing

Company Team Sweep Coach/caller
Davis Ogilvie Team DO Derrick Elliott Caleb Te Kahu
Cosgroves Never Look Back Izac Frunt Jilllian Broadbent
Sutton/ Patience and Nicholson Evacut Express Rick Smith Anne Glasson


Company Team Sweep Coach/caller
Waimakariri DC Rockin the Boat Scruff Hewinson Lynley Beckingsale
Waimakariri DC Draggin the Boat Ian Stothers  Rob Payne
CCC Consents CCC Blazing Paddles Judd Stanton Jill Entwhistle

Thanks again to Meri Gibson for putting in the huge effort to make this all happen on the day.

Corporate Intro Day - ABOL and Aoraki set up the site

Corporate Intro Day - ABOL and Aoraki set up the site

Corporate Intro Day - ABOL and Aoraki set up the site

Corporate Intro Day - ABOL and Aoraki set up the site

See Season 2016-17.

Lake Rua, Sat dd November 2015

Aoraki had been adding more and more events to the annual race schedule, getting funding for better equipment, running courses, developing Sweeps and so on. This had put great stress on their organisational capabilities. So local team Abreast of Life offered to run the event 'on behalf' of Aoraki, in return for a share of the entry fees that Corporate teams paid.

So 2015 was the first year that the Abreast of Life Dragon Boat team ran this promotional session on behalf of Aoraki Dragons. Up till then, entry levels had been 4 to 8 teams per year (session). But thanks to having a whole team using all their network connections, ABOL were able to enlist more than 30 teams, although that dropped slightly to 27 teams.


Medical Minor Final min seconds in seconds
Southern Cross Loon 1 36.3 96.30
Dragon Slayers 1 43.9 103.90
Minor Final 2 min seconds in seconds
TE Tittans 1 21.7 81.70
BDO Dragons 1 25 85.00
Are We there Yet 1 26.1 86.10
Accountants Grand Final min seconds in seconds
Boat BDO 1 17.4 77.40
Lets Go Deloitte 1 18 78.00
Preston Paddlers 1 22.9 82.90
Council/Infrastructure Grand Final min seconds in seconds
Rebuild Rats 1 20.3 80.30
WDC Floaters 1 23.4 83.40
WDC Mish Mash 1 29.4 89.40
Medical Petite Final min seconds in seconds
Southern Cross Tau 1 25.6 85.60
St G's Bees 1 30.9 90.90
Scientriffic 1 33.5 93.50
Service Industries Grand Final min seconds in seconds
Team Concept 1 16.1 76.10
Shaw to stay afloat 1 24.2 84.20
Aoraki Waka Jumpers 1 26.1 86.10
Engineering/Manuf Grand Final min seconds in seconds
Puff the Magic Dragon 1 17.7 77.70
Team DO 1 18.2 78.20
Team Riley 1 20.8 80.80
Construction Grand Final min seconds in seconds
HSOB Assassins 1 12.7 72.70
Finishing First 1 13.7 73.70
DisOarder 1 18.2 78.20
Medical Grand Final min seconds in seconds
Oarsome Dragons 1 25.4 85.40
George and the Dragons 1 25.8 85.80
Southern Cross 1 27.1 87.10

In 2015, we introduced 27 teams to our sport

See Season 2015-16.

Teams that have a go should think about joining us in Akaroa in January for the Le Mans races:

  • Crews minus one runner sit on the starting Beach, stern/sweep on the sand.
  • Start-Runner sits on a line behind the boats.
  • Sweep cannot be the Start-Runner.
  • On the hooter, the Start-Runner races to the boat.
  • The boat may have started at that same time.
  • Start-Runner must board on the starboard (keep clear of the Sweep boom arm).
  • Start-Runner must be on the boat at the finish.
  • Finish-Runner may not leave the boat till the bow has crossed the thick rope (which is on the beach to stop the boat scraping on the rough sand).
  • First Finish-Runner across the line at the path wins.

Avonside GHS at AkaroaWe remove the traditional Heads and Tails on the boats (and the drums) for the Le Mans races, because the races involve rapid entry and exit from the boat by the 'designated runners'. There are enough crashes, spills on the sand, and in the "high speed rear entry boat loading" without Dragon bits getting in the way!

We recommend you use the old 'plonker' paddles for this race because the waters are very shallow on the beach, and that is rough on 202a spec paddles - save them for the 250m Sprints.

See also Ice Breaker - Super 12 - Aoraki Open - South Islands - Nationals

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