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Ice Breaker 2009

Location: Kerr's Reach

Date: 6-Dec-09

The first three rounds of racing were 300 metres in length, finishing in front of the Clubrooms at Kerr's Reach on the Avon River. From 11:45, each team had one race at 500 metres, nad then from about 1 pm we had three filights of 2,000 metre races, starting from the finish line (teams departing at 30 second intervals) racing 1,000 metres downstream for a tight turn on the 50 metre wide river and back to the Start/Finish line.

Competing teams were:

  • CPC Canterbury Dragons
  • Shirley Boys
  • Screws Loose
  • Paddlateers
  • Beca Crewsaders
  • Evacut Express
  • Sampan Warriors
  • Fei Long
  • Tu Meke
  • Riccarton
  • Girls High
  • Hillmorton
  • Avonside Girls
  • CCC (Cruisers)
  • Marian
  • Abreast Of Life
  • Give It A Go

Scruff Hewinson follows Iceman at the Ice Breaker

Major Winners:

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Early Bird 2010


Aoraki "Early Bird" Dragon Boat Regatta was on Sunday 21-Feb-10, at a fantastic new venue - the lake at Pegasus Town. Team tents were near the sandy beach, about half way down the north-south manmade lake.

The day was just stunning, glorious sunshine from start to finish. The proximity of the tents to the lake front and the start finish line was just brilliant. Even the kids swimming in the lake, although at times a bit dangerous, certainly added to the fun of the day.

The day for the other paddlers began with a huge flurry of activity as the many colourful tents were erected on the banks of the beautiful lake at Pegasus town. The regatta attracted 25 adult and school teams of up to 30 = 750 paddlers, coaches and sweeps.

Seeing our beautifully bedecked dragon boats plying the waters of the lake was fantastic against the backdrop of the mountains – quite stunning. The day was incredibly successful with many paddlers saying it was one of the best regattas they had attended in a long time.

Each crew had four heats - the best three race times determined their place in the finals. The race results are here!


Open Final  
1 Tu Meke 2:13.07
2 Tu Meke Development 2:14.98
3 Ridge Riders U23 2:17.11


1 Beca Crewsaders 2:16.13
2 Airways Paddlateers 2:18.94
3 Screws Loose 2:19.80


Schools - Girls  
1 CGHS 2:22.14
2 Marian 2:22.95
3 Avonside Y13 2:28.61


Schools - Boys  
1 Shirley Boys 2:06.02
2 St Bedes 2:07.91

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South Island Champs 2010

Aoraki's main Dragon Boat Regatta .

The South Island Championships (Saturday 6th March) was run with adults and schools on the same day. The venue was Lake Hood, just out of Ashburton. We had attendance from all crews plus STB from Blenheim so approximately 800 paddlers, coaches and managers.

The event was also well attended with local spectators and we counted 200 cars at one stage, so assuming two per car, there were in the vicinity of 400 spectators.

The Saturday was a little overcast at times but this was no deterrent to teams.

The Schools' prize giving was held within an hour of the completion of the day with the presentation of the fiercely competed for cups and medals.

An 'after party' was held at the Ashburton Hotel, where the adult cups, medals and trophies were presented. Aoraki had commissioned the carving of a new trophy, "South Island Champion". This carving was completed by Alex Mc Leod from Tu Meke. Alex is a master carver and he has produced a stunning piece to adorn anyone's trophy cabinet, fittingly the first recipients of the trophy were Tu Meke Dragons.

The Ashburton Hotel venue was very good for an after party and with a little fine tuning we knew it would be great for the upcoming National event at the end of the month. For many this event marked the end of their competitive season and a sad farewell to their many new friends...

The plaudits from all the competing teams were all loud and long for a very successful season, it all ended far too soon.

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NZDBA National Championships 2010

Aoraki still had a task to complete before the year ended and that was to stage the NZDBA National Championships on behalf of NZ Dragon Boat Association. This event was held at Lake Hood on the weekend of the 27th and 28th March.

The board converged on Ashburton on the 26th to complete the setup. This task had already been started by Peter Mitchell, Chris Sheppard and Riki Hopkinson, who had laboured away in 30 plus degrees. The set up day was just fantastic and at times too hot. Teams dropped by to inspect the race course and some even partook of a dip in the cool waters of the Lake. All proclaimed it to be a stunning venue.

Unfortunately Saturday dawned anything but sunny and definitely not warm at all. Racing was delayed due to the inclement weather. Finally a start was made and teams took to the water for feverish competition. Racing was of a high standard and any issues that arose were dealt with in a professional and expedient manner. A very moving flower ceremony took place in shivering weather and this was followed by the very hotly contested championship finals. A brilliantly successful day was topped off by a fantastic after party and prize giving. This was all followed the next day by the schools championship.

Only two things spoilt the event; the cold weather (we couldn't do anything about that) and the low competing numbers (we couldn't do anything about that either). Other than that Aoraki, its board, volunteers and teams should feel immensely proud of a brilliantly run, professional and exciting event. The photo finish, camera work, television coverage, live to air feeds, race commentary and resulting DVD have certainly set a very high standard for other event organisers to follow.

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