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Ice Breaker 2008

In 2008, Aoraki launched a new concept to the Christchurch scene - an early season regatta. Well, alright, it was probably done before, but we're talking about the modern era here...

So at the very respectable hour of 12 noon on Sunday 7th December, the mini-Regatta got under way at Kerr's Reach. six brand new boats in full livery; Dragon heads, tails, Drummer seats and Drums.

This was a chance for new paddlers to get an early look at the new boats, a race start, how long a race is, how to execute a high speed river turn etc. The format was:

  1. Team briefing near the pontoons at 11:30, with first race at noon. A nominal fee cover the cost - $5 per paddler, or $100 per team, payable at race briefing.
  2. Each team has three ‘heats’ over 300m distance (start just north of the stream by Christ College rooms).  Heat times are added to determine the handicap start for 2km race.  All timing by simple stopwatch.
  3. Races start at 10 minute intervals, with three (or four) boats in a race.
  4. Teams rest up, while the race officials calculate the heat times, work out who's in which heat, and the (handicap) starting times for the Canterbury 2000 (see below).
  5. Each team has one 2,000m race, with handicap start. Four or five boats per 2km race, starting from Kerr's Reach, with a turning buoy at 1,000m downstream (by the Breezes Rd intersection), and finishing at the pontoons.
  6. Ideally the handicap means all teams cross the line together.
  7. No medals, but spot prizes, eg for the fastest race time over all 2km races. Presentation at the pontoons at about 5 pm.


Sprints (300m):


Abreast Of Life 1:42.5
Airways Paddlateers 1:40.2
Avonside Girls 1:48.3
Beca Crewsaders 1:35.2
CCC (Cruisers) 1:35.0
CPC Canterbury Dragons 1:27.4
Evacut Express 1:36.1
Marian 1:37.5
Ridge Riders 1:34.3
Sampan Warriors 1:44.0
Screws Loose 1:35.1
Shirley Boys 1:29.3
Tu Meke 1:35.2

Canterbury 2000:

Elapsed (Min:sec):

Airways Paddlateers 12:01
Beca Crewsaders 11:46
CPC Canterbury Dragons 10:55
Evacut Express 12:02
Marian 12:39
Ridge Riders 11:39
Screws Loose 11:53
Shirley Boys 10:31
Tu Meke 11:16

Early Bird 2009 - Chinese New Year

Saturday 9-Feb-09. Corporate, Open (sports clubs) and School teams competed at the ‘Early-bird’ regatta, aka The “Aoraki/Chinese New Year festival” which was on Saturday 9th February 2008 at Kerr’s Reach in Dallington.


The venue for the Dragon Boat racing was Kerr's Reach in Dallington.

Notes from the briefing: Teams set up tents on the eastern bank. Formal blessings of the boats and launch, followed by a Lion Dance troup who will give the boats their official launch. Team Safety Briefing on the pontoons for a run through of the safety and race procedures. Race start around 9:45, 3 boats per race, while 3 are loading. Best 3 of four times used to determine places in the finals. 'Rolling start' on the line. "Big screen video of the race, and a Photo finish" - Each unloaded crew leaved two persons to help the next crew. Results printed / posted by the stairs. Early Bird - presentations to winners: Paddles: The winning team in the Adult Open division will be presented with a commemorative paddle at the ceremony immediately following the Finals. The runner up and third place team will also be presented a Paddle. Similarly the First, Second and Third places in the Corporate Grand final will receive one paddle per team. Individual Medals will also be presented at the March regatta. Paddles will again be presented to Corp and Open, as well as (School) Girls, Boys and Mixed paddles. Personalised participation certificate. No formal after-regatta event in the Early Bird, but there will be in March. Race Day: "Race-Day Event Manager" is Sheena Baines, while the Director and Judge is Dale Hewison ('Scruff'). Safety Protocol: All signed waivers must be in. Also, team lists. Security and First Aid etc. St John will be on site. Tai Kwon Do club will provide security including patrols of the car parks. Food Vendors: Between "Riverside" and tents - hot dogs, coffee, ice cream etc.

Major Results:

Teams were:

  1. Spreydon Baptist Church
  2. Abreast of Life
  3. Shirley Boys
  4. Riccarton High
  5. Evacut Express
  6. CIAL Flying Dragons
  7. Sampan Warriors
  8. Paddlateers (Airways)
  9. Beca Crewsaders
  10. Tu Meke
  11. Ridge Riders
  12. Screws Loose
  13. CCC Cruisers
  14. CPC Canterbury Dragons


South Island Champs 2009 "Christchurch Regatta"


Date: Adults on Saturday 14-March, and Schools on Sunday 15-March

Major Winners:

Lane Finals Min Secs Place
  Open B Final      
1 Give It a Go 2 42.91 2
2 Simply The Breast 2 43.01 3
3 Abreast of Life 2 39.57 1
  Open Grand Final      
1 Sampan Warriors 2 26.88 4
2 Fei Long - TNG 2 14.91 3
3 CPC Canterbury Dragons 2 12.74 2
4 Tu Meke 2 11.83 1
  Corporate Grand Final      
1 CCC (Cruisers) 2 28.17 5
2 Paddlateers 2 23.25 4
3 Evacut Express 2 20.84 3
4 Beca Crewsaders 2 17.27 2
5 Screws Loose 2 15.84 1

Girls Crews

Seconds Total Times Ranking
CGHS 1 171.90 174.32 161.46 507.68 1
CGHS 2 180.83 175.30 176.58 532.71 4
St Margarets White 175.80 176.88 176.55 529.23 3
St Margarets Red 195.28 180.73 178.60 554.61 7
Marion 171.80 173.15 168.94 513.89 2
Avonside 186.83 188.20 174.68 549.71 6
Papanui 999.00 3.00 3.00 1005.00 9
Riccarton High 194.29 193.74 178.87 566.90 8
Villa Maria 190.52 179.19 175.47 545.18 5

Boys Crews

Shirley Boys - Gold 163.60 166.70 151.81 482.11 1
Shirley Boys - Blue 174.44 160.76 161.23 496.43 3
St Bedes 172.18 161.96 152.26 486.40 2


Summary of NZ DBA National Champs 2009



Major Winners:


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