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Aoraki is hugely grateful to its volunteers for the work they have done in developing equipment idea to allow us to efficiently run this sport. These include:

  • Rick Smith of Waimak Dragonboat Club (previously "Evacut Express")
  • Steve Greaves (Waimak Attack)
  • Pete Mitchell of Tu Meke Dragons
  • Scruff Hewinson of numerous teams

Champion Dragon Boats - Standard Configuration

Aoraki has a fleet of eleven Twenty Man IDBF Spec dragon boats from Champion in China. These are supplemented by three boats that were brought in by Abreast of Life, Tu Meke Dragons and Canterbury Dragons.


Swift Dragon Boats - Ten Man

Aoraki imported six of these beautiful "Ten Man" boats from Swift Racing International.

Freshly unpacked from the containerLoaded onto the trailer


Safety Boat/Chase Boat

Aoraki also has a solid RIB that is invaluable for setting out race lanes, as well as shaddowing boats during a race.

Old Dragon Boats

At the very beginning of the "Modern era" (which began in August 2007) Aoraki DBA took delivery of four boats kindly gifted by NZDBA. The boats were unloaded off the Pacifica ferry from Wellington, and were set up on storage frames in the Owles Terrace compound on Sunday 4-November 2007.


Aoraki has two big trailers, each capable of transporting up to six Dragon Boats. Here we show one with a couple of Standard (Champion) boats plus a Swift Ten Man boat on the near side.

Loaded onto the trailer

This trailer is shown at Owles Terrace compound.


Owles Terrace

Aoraki Dragons are a founding member-group of the New Brighton Waka Sports Association, which collaborates with several Waka Ama Clubs (and Surf Life Saving) to make best use of the ex-Council maintenance yard. The groups pay subs that go towards maintaining security and shared facilities.

Owles Terrace, New Brighton Owles Terrace, New Brighton Owles Terrace, New Brighton

The following show the shed used for storing the many Dragon Boats, Safety boat and other setup equipment.
Owles Terrace, New Brighton Owles Terrace, New Brighton Owles Terrace, New Brighton

Lake Rua

One 40ft Container holds much of Aoraki's equpment including Drums, ropes, chains, life jackets, Sweep Oars, paddles (some carbon fibre paddles plus the old heavy woden paddles) radios, electronics (PAs etc), bins of equipment for each station at a regatta.



Lake Pegasus