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Abreast of Life

See Womens teams incl BC.


Greymouth Dragon Boat ClubIn mid 2012, Ash Davies (an ex paddler/stroke for Airways Paddlateers) was stationed in Greymouth with NZ Police. She established the Grey High Schools Dragon Boat team.

The "Greymouth Dragon Boat Incorporated Society" formed in 2014, and expanded to include Adult or Junior teams. See, Greydragons.

The society is for the sport of dragon boating on the West Coast, which includes the High School team but also involves other aspects of the sport, including any adult teams.

The High Schools team regularly competes at Aoraki regatta. For example on 22-March-14 they won the 200 metre Sprint Final at the South Island Championships in 55.43 seconds. They also won the Mixed Schools Grand Final of the 500 metre races, just edging out Hillmorton High School (2 minutes, 20.47s).

The club has been given full use of one of the older Dragon Boats, which is used for training in the lagoon. Thanks to the resourcefulness of Ash Davies (and her contacts) they have secure storage, a boat trolley and lots of great ideas for growth on the Coast!

Northern Phoenix

Northern Phoenix - rising up to face fellow competitorsHi and Welcome to the Northern Phoenix Dragon Boat Team!

Our name derived from the majority of us being north of the Waimakariri River and, just like the proud phoenix, rising up to face fellow competitors.

We are a team of all ages, sexes and backgrounds. Some of us come with dragon boating experience and some with none, but we all come together with the same enthusiasm for the sport, to be part of a team and enjoy the comradery, and maybe a bit of a healthy competitive streak too.  We are a focused team on the water and get the most out of the sport, but never forgetting that we are a family/social team so having fun off the water too!  It is a sport the whole family can enjoy together, so we encourage them to come along and give it a go or just to come along as support.

Trainings through summer are held on Sunday mornings at Pegasus from 9.45am (this may change), Tuesday and Friday evenings on the Kaiapoi River from 6.45pm. Friday trainings are compulsory. In Kaiapoi we meet just along from the Swing Bridge, just across the road and over the stop bank from the Mandeville Tavern, which is the club rooms for Northern Phoenix and we usually have a cold beer or wine after training on a Friday.

Let’s Rise to Victory!  Shark Bait … Hoo Haa Haa!!

Mike Robinson - Team Manager/ Coach M 021 783 450
Julie Schofield - Team Secretary/ Funding Manager. M 021 0200 3727 E ATTN Secretary
Tyler Mathews- Team Captain M 027 772 0130

Northern Phoenix Paddling Club. 90 Fairweather Crescent, Mansfield Park, Kaiapoi 7630

Ridge Riders

Ridge RidersRidge is a crew made of of people ranging in ages between 17 to 24, mostly school leavers interested in staying in the sport that they love. It is not a crew completely composed of paddlers who came from schools - some are paddlers who started with Ridge and are still with us.

We take our approach to paddling rather seriously - "Party hard, Train Harder"

Ridge, as an Under 23 crew, has been around since 2010 when old boys and girls from Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls came together to create Ridge Riders Under 23. Although the crew in recent years has been in the U23 division Ridge Riders started back in the late 90s, with Russell Stocks at the helm.Rusell Stocks

To this day, through Shirley Boys High Dragon Boat Crew, Russell has coached and mentored us to become better paddlers.

The past couple of season have been Ridge Riders' most successful seasons yet and the U23 title which we've carried since its inception has become the side attraction, as there are no other teams competing in U23. So we race in the Premier Division - AND we do extremely well.

Ridge Riders are joint "King of the River"

We train at Owles Terrace in New Brighton on Sundays at 6:30pm. We also add Tuesday and Thursday later in the season.

At Pegasus

New paddlers are always welcome - within the crew we have a really big family vibe which enables new paddles to come in and really become one of us with out too much problem.

With each season we always set our goals high and work hard to achieve them. But at the end of the day if Ridge comes first or last we will be there as a crew and will work to become better a team together as a family.

Ridge Contacts is Isaac Sutherland 0276 333 372 or, or Izac Frunt 027 208 5114.

IDBF rules state that "2.3.1 ... an additional Championship Class will take effect, for competitors over 17 and under the age of 23, as at the 1st January in a given year. (Sep 07)"


Sampan are described by some (of their own team) as the most awesome and longest running team in the Christchurch competition, with their first regatta in 1992.

They are not only entertainers (with their famous costume race) but also have the biggest feed so we give the other teams a chance. "No Muesli bars and V for us!!!"

Simply the Breast

Blenheim based club, of Breast Cancer Survivors and supporters.

Simply the Breast Marlborough dragon boat co-chair Susie Williams recently talked to "The Marlborough Express" about her experiences on the team and the bonds she has formed.

Tell me a bit about what the Simply the Breast dragon boat team is all about.
We aim to have fun, get fit, support our breast cancer ladies, raise awareness of breast cancer, race during the summer months as both breast cancer and open women's teams, and enjoy life on the water while we do it. Don McKenzie, a Canadian sports medicine specialist, started a dragon boat team in February 1996 for women with a history of breast cancer. He believed that this activity would benefit breast cancer survivors as it provided strenuous upper body activity in an aesthetically pleasing and socially supportive environment. He stated: 'It is an approach to promoting health and raising breast cancer awareness that is driven by women with the disease. It reaches out to other women and offers them a message of hope and support. It is helping to change attitudes toward life after breast cancer, and it encourages women to lead full and active lives. It is making a difference.

What's the best part about being in the team?
We are an extended family. As a breast cancer survivor the support from those around you, who may or may not have had, breast cancer is amazing. It's a support group on water. There is a lot of respect for those of us that have had breast cancer. Having had cancer takes away your confidence, your pride, your strength and how you see yourself as a woman. Surrounding yourself with people that understand, and show an amazing amount of support as well as strength from getting out and doing something like this physical sport is very reassuring, refreshing and fun. It helps reminds you that there really is life after breast cancer.

Have you faced any struggles in the team?
All teams struggle at times. We are in the process of recruiting breast cancer survivors and other women who would like to join our boat, we need more paddlers. Like all sports, numbers fluctuate over time. With this sport, we have the added pressure by being predominantly a breast cancer team. Some people get back on their feet after surviving the disease, and then feel they don't need to be part of the sport, or even be around others that have suffered - everyone copes differently. We are also mostly mums and grandmas, time becomes a little busy and hard to fit everything in.

How difficult is dragon boating physically?
Tough but fun. Anyone can do it with some practice. It really builds your strength, but we are all individuals, some people can physically pull more water than others - and that's OK. That's what working as a team is, right?

What is a phrase you live by? Make the most of life. I've dodged one bullet, best I make the most of it.

Susie Williams 027 776 6388
Glenda Simpson 027 257 8224

Tu Meke Dragons

Tu Meke is a competitive, Mixed Open Crew, that welcomes experienced dragon boaters, or adaptable people from other paddling disciplines.

Pete (Maverick) Mitchell sharing the hoard of medals

Starting as a social team in 2003 and dominated by Prebbleton rugby players, Tu Meke, quickly became a cohesive, competitive crew, formed into a Sports Club and raised funds to purchase their own boat. The driving force in these early days was Lorraine Flintoft.

By 2009, Tu Meke had become a formidable opponent in the sport, travelling to Nationals every year, becoming the South Island Champs in 2009 and retaining that title for the past five years.


Race Start at Akaroa is a little non-standard. You won't find this in the IDBF Rules of racing!With an evolving (sometimes revolving) lineup, Tu Meke added the Wellington Regatta title in 2014 and managed to gain all the silver medals at the 2014 Nationals. By adding two bronzes and a 4th at the 2015 Nationals, Tu Meke were sanctioned by NZDBA to attend the 2016 World Club Crew Championship regatta in Adelaide, Australia.

Tu Meke Dragons paddle

Tu Meke actively invites new folk to join us. Anyone with previous dragon boating experience, is welcome to come, train and race with us this season. This includes school leavers. We are also happy to consider athletes with alternative paddling experience and a willingness to adapt.



Peter Mitchell 021-269-4317


Cathy Butler, via

Plus: check us out on Facebook.

Waimak Dragon Boat Club

In January 2010 Rick Smith was looking for half a dozen paddlers to fill the corporate team he was managing at the time. He placed an ad for paddlers in a local North Canterbury paper and got more than 70 replies! What to do??? Start another team of course! And so Waimak Attack began. Marie Childs formed an ad hoc committee and in three weeks we had a team name, uniforms organised and we were competing in our first regatta. We did the South Island champs and the Nationals that year and have never looked back.

From these small beginnings Waimak Dragon Boat Club has grown to the biggest in the South Island. We now have an open team and a women’s team and more than 50 paddlers on our books. The club is very well managed through the committee. We do a small amount of fund raising to keep our fees as low as possible and we have used the grants process to fund our trips to the North Island for the Nationals. Our teams train on Wednesday nights at Lake Pegasus and on Sunday mornings in the lead up to the big regattas in February and March.

Waimak Attack

Our mixed team competes in open grade and is very competitive. Over the years we have grown from social to socially competitive to serious contenders in all events. We have been very successful in recent years winning medals at the South Island Championships and the Nationals over the last two years. There is a great spirit in the team and a real determination to support each other and to be the best we can. Waimak Attack's coach Rick Smith has been in the sport since 2000 and brings a wealth of experience to the team.

Waimak Thunder

Waimak Thunder was the first women's team in the South Island and they too have been very successful. In 2012/13 the girls took out 3 gold medals at the South Island champs and a bronze at the nationals. Women's teams are the fastest growing division in the sport at the moment. Dragon boating is great for women wanting to get into a sport that is social, easy to learn and develops fitness.

Our club is very inclusive. We have paddlers of all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness ranging from 16 to 76 years old.

If you want to join us or find out more about Waimak Attack contact:

Waimak Dragon Boat Club at Lake Hood


Adult Womens:

See also ABOL, Northern Phoenix, Otautahi, Simply the Breast and Waimak Thunder in See Womens teams incl BC.

Past teams:

"Give It A Go" team began in October 2008, training at Owles Terrace in December under the leadership of Terry Coyle and Peter Johnson (from CPC).

They have a very solid core of team paddlers, returning year after year, improving at every stroke. GIAG are fortunate to be supported by Christchurch City Council, who have provided new shirts and cash grants to cover their expenses.

Give It A Go are willing competitors at nearly all of Aoraki's organised regatta, and show an exceptionally good attitude to the day's racing, even if they are not the most competitive team. This attitude and sportsmanship has earned them the respect of all teams, paddlers and supporters.

They are also notable supporters of our less formal events, such as the Kaiapoi River Festival where we call for volunteer paddlers to give up their time so that we can showcase Dragon Boating with a race or two along the Kaiapoi River in front of the Festival crowd. A few of the local teams might put up their hands to help, but we can always rely on Give It A Go to send a couple of paddlers.

For example, when Aoraki and Abreast Of Life teams ask for paddlers to join them on Saturdays to help paddlers keep in shape, “Give It A Go” regularly send paddlers. And when we organized a working bee to clean up the Owles Terrace maintenance compound at the start of May, three or four “Give It A Go” paddlers and supporters gave up Saturday to lend a hand.

Earlier in 2009, their team recognized that they were not competitive at the top level so they decided not to enter the National Championships. However they volunteered to help Aoraki Dragons and NZDBA run the Regatta, by providing about 10 paddlers to assist as runners, crew loaders, parking wardens and various other tasks. Thanks to their willing gesture, the regatta was a huge success. NZDBA recognized their enormous contribution with a trophy for their outstanding performance.

They trained at Pegasus every Monday night, meeting there at 6:30, aiming to be on the water by 7pm, training until 8 pm.

Karyn and Sandie