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"Aoraki Dragons" is a collective of the various adult, youth and school teams in the South Island of NZ that ensures we have the resources, equipment and infrastructure to train and race in Dragon Boats.

What is Dragon Boating? Take a look at this great clip of our recent Corporate Open Day - Thanks Jimmy Ryan, love your work! [Play it Loud].

Next event:

NZDBA National Champs at Lake Hood on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March 2018.

Last Event:

South Island Championship was Saturday 10-March at Lake Hood. Download the results of 200m sprints, 500m races then the 2km turns race. The new pontoon start system was a great success, and we were very lucky to have a lake VERY full of water, and awesome weather - calm and sunny all day.

See South Island Championship tab for full details.

Previous events include: Super Summer Sizzler at Akaroa on Sunday 11-Feb-18. Before that was Aoraki Open on Lake Pegasus, Sunday 28-Jan-18.Lake Rua hosting the Corporate Intro races

Sound like fun? You bet! Email us to join a team - there is still time to get on board.


New Rules for Right of Way an the Avon - Keep LEFT but pass in the middle.

If you look a the Training page ("Owles Terrace" tab), it describes how:

  • Dragon boats (and all forward facing craft) now travel on the LEFT of the river (UP-stream or DOWN-stream) whereas rear-facing craft (such as rowers) keep RIGHT.
  • Dragon boats now PASS on-coming rowing craft (who will hold their line close to the bank) by moving to the centre of the river before completing their passing manoeuver and then returning to the left bank.


Other Aoraki News:

  • Congrats to Gavin Ryan, Ian Macbeth, Janice Melville, Isaac Sutherland, Peter Mitchell, Cherie Prangnell, Caleb Te Kahu, Izak Frunt and Steve Greaves. Elected to Aoraki board at the AGM on 17th August at 'Beca' Office.
  • This season, Aoraki Open, is at Lake Pegasus on 20th Jan 2018, so it is BEORE Akaroa Super 10s (which is in February).
  • Over Summer, we generally have two "Swift" Ten-Man Boats and three 20-Man Champions that teams can use at Lake Rua. There is also a boat trolley in the container. We now have a (yellow) 40 foot container at the lake, forming a U-shape with 2 others owned by Kore Sailing. Use the (new) combo code to get into the fenced area and container for the boats, sweep oars, life jackets, safety gear etc.

Other International News

  • Several Christchurch Crews competed at Club Crew World Champs (Adelaide) in April 2016.
  • ABOL targetting Florence in 2018 - IBCPC has unveiled Florence, Italy as the venue for the 2018 International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission Festival. The event will take place on 6th, 7th and 8th June 2018.  Registration details will be available in 2016.

Team Profile pages

These have now been rebuilt, so that you can see all teams on one page. Just click the tabs to see each crew. They are split into 'Open' (Club based), Business based and the Schools. Please email us ( if you want your profile updated.

See new tips on Training, and Water safety

This summer

Aoraki dates for 2017-18 will be:

Aoraki dates for 2016-17 were:

  • "Aoraki AGM" was Thurs 11-Aug-16 from 7 pm
  • "Polar Blaster" was Sunday 21-Aug-16 at Lake Rua
  • "Cobweb Blaster" was Sun 25-Sept-16 at Lake Rua
  • "Sweep Training (Practical)" Sat 1-Oct from 9 am, at Lake Pegasus
  • "Sweep Theory Training" Sun 9-Oct-16
  • "Season Launch" Friday 14-Oct from 6pm at the Sydenham Pavilion. Download the Season Info pack here.
  • "Sweep Practical and Accreditation" Sun 16-Oct from 9 to 10 am, at Lake Pegasus
  • Training officially starts Tuesday 25-Oct
  • Working Bee Sunday 30-Oct-16 at Owles Tce.
  • "Corporate Intro/Give it a Go" - Sat 19-Nov from 10 am to 3 pm, at Lake Rua
  • "Sunday Schools" Intro day - Sun 20-Nov from noon to 4 pm, at Lake Rua
  • "Ice Breaker" - Sun 11-Dec-15 from 10 am to 3:30 pm, at Lake Rua
  • Sweep School, Sunday 8-January-17 at 10 am.
  • "Super 10" at Akaroa - Sun 22-Jan-17 at Childrens Bay, Akaroa Harbour - Cancelled due weather.
  • "Aoraki Open" (inc New Corporate extra Race Day) - Sun 26-Feb from 10 am to 3:30 pm, at Lake Pegasus (Lake Rua)
  • "South Island Champs" - Sat 25-March-17, at Lake Hood
  • "NZDBA National Champs" - at Lake Karapiro, on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April.

Aoraki dates for 2015-16 were:

Dates for 2014-15 were:

... and highlights from earlier seasons:

See season 2008-09 :: 2009-10 :: 2010-11 (last season) or a list of all past regatta.

Aoraki Dragons represents all the Dragon Boat teams in the South Island of NZ, and works hard to provide the equipment and systems to run the sport. For example, Aoraki buys (all but 3 of) the 16 Dragon Boats, and maintains them all, stores them and transports them to the training areas and racing events.

If you are interested in joining one of the many Dragon Boat teams, please email us. We'll see you right...

Here are some ways we are getting more and more people involved in our favourite activity - Dragon Boat paddling!

Corporate Give-It-A-Go Day,

Toward the end of November, Aoraki brings together several Business houses for a 'crash course' in Dragon Boating. The latest was at Lake Rua on Saturday 7-November-15 from 10 to 2 or so. Abreast of Life Dragon Boat team ran the event, as a fundraiser to help them get to Adelaide in April 2016 for the Club Crew World Champs. Teams had so much fun, they are looking forward to when they can do it again. See more here.

The package includes pre-race “on the water” paddle instruction and race training, culminating in an afternoon of fierce competition between rival corporate teams.  We provide the Dragon Boats, paddles, buoyancy aids, qualified helms (“Sweeps”), instructors, safety boat and driver, Marshals, Results Officials, competitor safety briefing and race schedule.

In past years, for example Five new Corporate-based teams had a great introduction to Dragon Boating on Sunday 10-Nov-13. Great feedback, like: "you guys came across as a pretty slick operation (especially in dragon boat terms) and things ran like clockwork". It's always great to share the thrill of Dragon Boating!

Lake Rua hosting the Corporate Intro races

Spring Festival on the Avon

Teams joined Aoraki at the Spring River Festival on Sat 2-Nov-13 at Kerr's Reach. Avonside Girls HS, Christchurch Girls HS and Ridge Riders put on a great display.

Racing included a race to determine the KING OF THE RIVER, contested between Dragon Boats, Waka Ama, Kayaks and Rowers. Our elimination series showed Ridge Riders were the team to represent Dragon boating. Ridge took line honours, thanks to a handicap system, but Kayaking were closing fast. In the spirit of the Collaboration that Aoraki need to be part of, the codes agreed to share the trophy this year. Once the racing finished, a selection of Dragon Boaters took a Champion downstream past the narrows under Avondale Bridge, to meet Tipu Tai Tama Voyaging Trust's ceremonial waka, for the transfer of the special Waka Huia downstream to Owles Terrace Pontoon, where it was taken by street parade into New Brighton.

'Moving the boat forward'

Here is what Aoraki are doing to grow the sport and generate opportunities for paddlers.

Growing teams

Aoraki have been rolling out programs to improve the exposure of Dragon Boating. In 2012 we started the Secondary Schools Challenge, which brought in six new High Schools. And we now have an annual Corporate Give-it-a-Go day (click the "get involved" tab above) where business houses spend a morning or a full day at Lake Rua or Lake Pegasus, as an intro to the sport.

Up-Skilling: Sweeps and Coaches

Aoraki has been running the NZDBA's Sweep Accreditation system since 2013, where we share the knowledge and skills with those who want to take up the 'Long Paddle'. This includes a mentoring system and supervision during training, and assessment to ensure we have all helmsmen/women singing off the same sheet.

Aoraki runs several Sweep School Sessions per season, generally in October. This season included a Wednesday theory session (with a short test) then two opportunities at Lake Pegasus to learn some skills, and be assessed by Rick and Russell, who represent Aoraki on the "NZDBA Sweep Control Group".. More...

We have started a Coach the Coaches system, so that experienced Dragon Boat coaches can exchange learnings and tips, and develop techniques for developing their paddlers.

And with NZDBA we are bringing training and accreditation systems for those who want to become race officials.

Building the facilities.

Aoraki is expanding the options for paddlers. For example we have a great relationship with CCC for making use of facilities at Owles Terrace, plus Lake Rua, where we have bought a 40 ft Container for keeping our training gear safe for our paddlers.

Providing the best equipment

In December 2015 Aoraki placed another order with Champion Boats to import two more IDBF Standard Dragon Boats from Dalian Water Sports in China.

At the same time we have bought three of the Champion Boats that Auckland DBA are replacing, so that Aoraki will have a full fleet of FIFTEEN of the Standard 20-paddler boats, so that we can run a super-efficient National Championships event.

Aoraki also carries stock of PFD Life Jackets, spare training and racing paddles as well as all the gear necessary to run top quality regattas, and a very full dragon boat season.

Fresh from Swift in Shanghai"Super 12" Boats are here!

Aoraki's fleet of boats now includes six fantastic Swift "Ten Man" boats. These are particularly useful as they allow a club to can carry on paddling when they can't muster a full team. They are also great for 'festival' type events sucha as the January Super 12, or for a start up team or demo). See Facebook for more pictures...

This supplements our main fleet of 10 Champion "Standard" sized Boats (aka "20-Man"). Whoops, make that 15 Champions!

Thanks to the generous funding from Southern Trust , Aoraki has been able to grow this fleet of Champion Boats so that we can have a full fleet of 15 boats for 2016 Nationals, and after the 2015-16 season we will start to 'retire' some of the boats to key growth areas (like Nelson and Greymouth).

Aoraki will make sure they are still available from those centers if we need them for major events such as Nationals.

Affiliated to NZDBA updated: 12-Mar-2018 :: (c) Noel Anderton